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River Guide Jeff
10-11-2010 5:46:08 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 11 Though Indian summer is pleasant, it rarely provides the best fall fishing. That was apparent today, as we struggled to put a dozen smallmouth bass in the boat, the biggest being around 16 inches. The water temperature has risen from 54 to 61 degrees since last Friday, and the bite has tapered off during that five-day period. Things should begin to cool off again throughout the week if forecasts are reasonably accurate.

river guide jeff
10-09-2010 6:35:05 PM CST

River Report -- Oct. 9 Fishing slower than yesterday, though my clients worked hard and managed to boat a dozen smallmouth bass,including a 19 inch brute to start the day. Other than three smaller bass taken this afternoon, the others were high quality smallies in the 15 to 18 inch range. Two other bubba-smallies were lost at the boat, as well as a few smaller "long distance releases." We spent part of the day targeting muskies, and managed one around 28 inches toward the end of the day. Two nice walleyes as well. Spinnerbaits were the deal again today. Floating weeds a real nuisance in many of the slower areas that were holding fish.

River Guide Jeff
10-08-2010 6:52:32 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 8 Back on the river following a multi-day string of dreary, cool and rainy river. The weather brought put some much needed water in the river, though. Level up about two feet from last week; water temperature down to 56 degrees. Client and I boated 26 smallmouth bass, with all but a half-dozen or so in the 15 to 18 inch range. Spinnerbaits accounted for most of the fish. Rattlebaits, soft swimbaits, were also productive.

River Guide Jeff
10-02-2010 4:33:56 PM CST

River Report -- Sept 30 My steadiest client Al hung in there during the rainiest day I've fished since May. We were rewarded with 51 smallies, two walleyes, and fat northern pike. A few fish came on flukes and Lake Fork Tackle swimbaits, the rest on X-Raps. A couple 17 inchers, a bunch of 15 to 16 inchers, with most of the rest in the 13 to 14 inch range. Only a handful of little guys. The bass have fed very well this year, and are exceptionally fat.

River Guide Jeff
10-02-2010 4:28:06 PM CST

Fishing Report -- Sept. 24 My buddy Deron Eck and I spent the day fishing two different waters. During the morning session we fished Loyalhanna Lake, taking several largemouths on square-lipped crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs. Though a few of the bass were in the 17 inch range, they appeared slightly skinny. We caught bass from the dam, all the way up into the headwaters, with no particular area holding great numbers of fish. Afternoon found us on the Mon River, fishing out of Speers. We caught several small spotted bass, and Deron took a chunky hybrid striper on a spinnerbait before a strong south wind made conditions tough and sent us home. Deron, btw, won the recent three-day FLW American Fishing Series tournament on Lake Erie.

River Guide Jeff
09-19-2010 6:04:39 PM CST

River Report -- Sept 19 Smallmouth bass woke up around 9 am today. A few slow spells during the day, but we ended up with 30-some bass. Several in the 15 to 17 inch range, with most of the others chunky 12 to 14 inches. All on X-Raps.

River Guide Jeff
09-18-2010 6:18:57 PM CST

River Report -- Sept. 18 Client and I boated 16 smallies during the half-day morning trip. Much nicer size than yesterday. Biggest 18 inches, and several in the 15 to 16 inch range. Only a couple of dinks. All but one on X-Raps.

River Guide Jeff
09-18-2010 6:15:01 PM CST
River Report -- Sept. 17 The tail end of a cold front might have been to blame for a fairly slow half-day trip, at least as far as quality-sized fish are concerned. We managed to put 15 or so in the boat during the morning trip, but nothing over 14 or so inches. All on X-Raps.

River Guide Jeff
09-13-2010 7:34:12 PM CST

River Report -- Sept. 11 Today's action very similar to yesterday with the bite picking up around mid to late morning. We boated 15 during a half-day trip. X-Raps and Sinkin' Salty Shad again.

River Guide Jeff
09-13-2010 7:29:56 PM CST

River Report -- Sept 10 A major cold front that passed through the area over the Labor Day weekend dropped the water temperature from 80 to 65, slowing the fishing action a bit. The day started slow, but picked up around mid morning. He boated around 25 up to 17 inches. Sinkin' Salty Shad and X-Raps.

River Guide Jeff
09-02-2010 4:26:51 PM CST

River Report -- Sept. 2 Often, when the Allegheny is running low and clear (as it's been for most of this summer) smallmouth bass can be finicky. Some days you see a lot of followers compared ones willing to commit and actually bite. Well, for most of today they decided to bite. We boated a season high 65 today, and lost another dozen. Biggest smallmouth was 18 inches, and the average size was good for summer fishing...very few dinks. The highlight of the day was when my client caught two smallies on the same cast. A foot-long bass ate the bait at the end of the cast, and a smaller one tried (unsuccessfully) to steal it off of him during the tussle. All of today's fish on X-Rap jerkbaits.

River Guide Jeff
08-30-2010 6:55:11 PM CST

Fishing Report -- August 30 A buddy and I did a quick morning trip to Kahle. We boated about 25 largemouths in a 4.5 hour session. Most of the fish in the foot-long range. The biggest was 16 inches. Plastic worms, jigs and X-Raps. The lake is down another two feet or so, but I can still get my boat in and out with no problem.

River Guide Jeff
08-30-2010 6:51:32 PM CST

River Report -- Today again proved the effectiveness of Rapala X-Raps when the water is low and clear. We boated 25 to 30 smallies in about a six hour outing. Three in the 17 to 18 inch range. Water temperature down to 72 degrees following a chilly night.

River Guide Jeff
08-30-2010 6:46:45 PM CST

Fishing Report -- Aug 26 A relatively slow night on Yellow Creek Lake. We boated a handful of bass, including a nice 18 inch smallmouth. Several largemouth and a couple other smallie fell to plastic worms, Lucky Craft Big Daddy crankbaits, and skirted bass jigs/Uncle Josh trailers.

River Guide Jeff
08-21-2010 5:40:50 PM CST

River Report -- Aug. 21 A productive morning half-day trip. We caught 15 or so smallmouth during a 7 am to 11 am trip. A few dinks, but mostly typical summertime bass in the 12 to 13 inch range. We ended the day with a fat 19 incher. Water still low and clear, with a temperature averaging 80 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
08-16-2010 8:16:31 PM CST

River Report -- August 16 Back on the river today following a week-plus vacation. Good action early and late in the trip, with a lengthy mid-day lull. We ended with 35 to 40 smallies. Most of them taken on X-Raps. River low, quite clear, and 80 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
08-06-2010 3:49:10 PM CST
River Report -- Aug. 6 Today's client is an experienced and accomplished river smallie angler, but one that uses river bait (riffle runners and such) at this time of year. He wanted to learn a little about using my three summer mainstays -- Lake Fork Swimbaits, X-Raps and Sinkin' Salty Shad -- in low, clear conditions. The morning started off quite slow, but things picked late morning. He ended up catching several fish on each of the three top summertime baits.

River Guide Jeff
08-05-2010 7:02:49 PM CST

River Report -- Aug 5 A cloudy/drizzly morning gave way to a sunny afternoon. Decent fishing...we boated around 25 smb up to 17.5 inches. Mostly on Live Magic Shad swimbaits and Rapala X-Raps. A few on popper-style topwaters early. River back down to a normal summer level and fairly clear. 77 degree water temp.

River Guide Jefff
07-31-2010 9:02:38 AM CST

River Report -- July 30 Did a quick evening trip on the Brady-Parker stretch. 13 smallies, most in the 14-17 inch range. All on Lake Fork Tackle swimbaits. Floating weeds present, but not nearly as bad as last week. Water temperature 79 degrees. Water stained -- 1.5 feet of visibility.

River Guide Jeff
07-28-2010 8:50:08 PM CST

Fishing Report -- July 28 Spent a few hours this afternoon on Yellow Creek Lake, a water I extensively fished years ago, but had not visited recently. I was pleased to see the lake's weeds in nice shape, with large stands of milfoil, pondweed and spatterdock. I didn't get a lot of bites but did manage five largemouth bass, including two in the four-pound range. All of the fish came on Texas-rigged worms fished near weedgrowth. The water temperature was a sizzling 83 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
07-23-2010 3:47:26 PM CST

Fishing Report -- July 23 My guests and I fished hard for three-and-half hours but only managed a handful of smallies and one walleye. Lots of floating grass -- the worst I've seen so far this year -- hampered our efforts, along with clearing water that equated into many follows (vs biters). So we picked up and hit Kahle for a bit. We had windy conditions but still picked up around 10 largemouth, the biggest around three pounds. Only one other boat out on Kahle.

River Guide Jeff
07-22-2010 4:46:14 PM CST

River Report -- July 22 Another productive day on the middle Allegheny. My guest and I boated 50 smallmouth bass and one walleye. The biggest smallmouth stretched out to 17 inches. A lot of quality fish in the 14 to 15 inch range (Larry R. displaying a such a brace prior to release). Swimbaits and X-Raps accounted for most of the fish. My guest, who lives in Arizona and fishes a drop shot rig extensively on the clear-water reservoirs of the west, picked up some respectable smallies on a D.S. rig in deeper pools.

River Guide Jeff
07-21-2010 5:08:39 PM CST

River Report -- July 21 The day started off fine with an 18-inch smallmouth hitting the boat within a few minutes. Things slowed for the next two hours with only a couple more bass. By mid morning the bite picked up. We landed around 25 smallmouth and lost about the same amount. A lot of tentative biters. Besides the 18, we had several in the 15 to 16 inch range, and also two walleyes, 18 and 25 inches. Most of the fish on Live Magic Shad swimbaits; a few on X-Raps.

River Guide Jeff
07-19-2010 5:43:48 PM CST

Fishing Update -- July 19 Last week my buddy Dave L. and I fished Conneaut Lake, a trip that produced several largemouth bass along with a couple smallmouth. The top fish was a 19.5 inch smallmouth Dave took on a drop shot rig over a rock-capped hump that tops out in about 13 feet of water. Conneaut's weeds are in excellent shape, and provide the major cover edge for several species, most notably largemouth bass. A couple days later my buddy Andy V. and I hit Keystone in quest of muskies. Andy, being the muskie guru that he is, had all the action. He hooked two muskies, but neither one made it to the net. Both appeared to be small tiger muskies, and were hooked off of the deep side of the weeds. Two days later I returned to Keystone to target bass. Naturally this is the day I had the muskie action. I boated a small tiger that hit a Texas-rigged plastic worm; also had a nice, thick-backed muskie follow a bait to the boat. The bass action was slow. Did manage four largemouth and one smallmouth, all on worms. Returned to the river today for a half-day guide trip. We hooked/boated 20-some smallmouth up to 15 inches during the morning session, mostly on Live Magic Shad swimbaits. River is low and fairly clear, and 81 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
07-13-2010 3:25:21 PM CST

River Report -- July 13 Nice day on the Allegheny. A little steamy in the afternoon, but cloudy all day. River level stable; slight stain with about 1.5 feet of visibility. Water temperature dropped back to 77 degrees, from the mid 80s of a few days ago. Client and I boated/long-distance-released 30 to 35 smallmouth and one walleye. Lost one 20-inch class bass right at the net. Biggest to hit the boat was 18 inches. Really nice average size, with most of them running 13 to 15 inches. Only a few dinks. Lake Fork Tackle swimbaits, X-Raps, and Yum Craw Papi did the damage.

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