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River Guide Jeff
06-02-2010 5:56:39 PM CST

Fishing Report -- June 2 A nice split-day trip today with a couple of great guys who have fished with a few times in the past. We did nicely on Kahle Lake in the morning, boating 25 or so largemouths. The afternoon found us on the river. A bit tougher there, mostly due to an increase in the wind. Still, be boated 15 or so smallies in 3.5 hours, including two in the 17 inch range. River temps are averaging 72 degrees. Kahle was up to 74. Today's fish on Case Sinkin Salty Shad and Magic Sticks, and also Warrior Spears.

River Guide Jeff
05-27-2010 4:58:33 PM CST

River Report -- May 27 Excellent action for the first half of today's full-day guide trip. The action slowed when the sun got high and the heat turned up. Guests boated nearly 40 smallies. Three bronzebacks in the 17 to 18 inch range highlighted the trip. All on Case Magic Sticks and Case Sinkin' Salty Shad. The river is on the fall, and getting quite clear. Water temperature in the 73 degree range. Bass starting to show up in traditional summer spots.

River Guide Jeff
05-26-2010 5:19:22 PM CST

Fishing Report -- May 26 Today's split trip had us fishing Kahle in the morning, and the Allegheny in the afternoon. The morning session yielded well over 50 largemouths for my two guest. Though many of the bass were small but feisty, several quality fish were landed, including a couple in the three pound range. Kahle's surface temperature is up to 72 degrees. Senkos and Rapala X-Raps took the most fish. Fish activity has slowed down by the time we launched on the river. In three hours we boated 13 smallies and two northern pike. Senkos and Case Sinking Salty Shad accounted for most of the action. Though we did catch a few smallmouth near spawning areas, I believe nesting activities are finishing up. River water temperature is up to 71, clearing, and on the fall.

River Guide Jeff
05-25-2010 7:56:08 PM CST

Fishing Report -- May 25 Back on Keystone Lake for an afternoon/evening trip. Bass appear to be moving off of the nests, but are still shallow. Mostly smallies today, on Yum Dingers and Zoom Super Flukes. Surface temperature up to 73 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
05-23-2010 5:10:43 PM CST

Fishing Report -- May 23 Great multi-location trip today. Clients caught about 30 lmb on Kahle Lake in the morning; then another 30 smallies on the river in the afternoon. Biggest largemouth: 16 inches; biggest smallie went 17.75 inches. The majority of bass -- both largemouth and smallmouth -- came on Case Magic Stiks. Lake temperature 65 degrees. River temp was 62. While Kahle Lake is six feet low, I can still get my boat in. Fishing pressure is low. Now's a great time for a dual-water outing.

River Guide Jeff
05-22-2010 4:58:12 PM CST

River Report -- May 22 Back on the river following a period of high water. One of the best trips of the year today. We boated over 50 smallmouth bass, including two between 18 and 19 inches. Yum Dingers accounted for most of the bass. Water temperature back up to 60 degrees. Most of the bass taken around spawning areas.

River Guide Jeff
05-19-2010 7:54:14 PM CST

Fishing Report -- May 19 Spent a few hours this afternoon on Keystone Lake. My buddy Tom F and I boated between 25 and 30 bass. About 2 to 1 largemouths to smallmouths. Water temperature was 64. All the bass were taken in shallow water, mostly on Case Magic Stiks.

River Guide Jeff
05-15-2010 4:35:11 PM CST

Fishing Report -- May 15 Heavy rains elevated the Allegheny 4 to 5 feet earlier this week, forcing the rescheduling of several guide trips. So my buddy Dave K. and I spent a few hours chasing largemouth bass on a nw pa lake, putting a few quality fish in the boat. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass guide trips are available on select lakes throughout the season. Call or email for more information.

River Guide Jeff
05-10-2010 4:38:01 PM CST

River Report -- May 10 A severe cold front that blew through the area over the weekend dramatically dropped the water temperature. 61 degrees during the last trip. 50 degrees when we started off at 8 am this morning. Post frontal conditions with bluebird skies and high pressure. Clients worked hard and managed to boat 16 smallmouth bass, the biggest being just shy of 19 inches. Live Magic Shad swimbaits and X-Raps the most effective baits.

River Guide Jeff
05-05-2010 5:12:46 PM CST

River Report -- May 5 Ohio Valley Outdoors Editor Larry Claypool traveled up from East Liverpool, Ohio today to sample the Allegheny's smallmouth bass action. We had a good day. Smallmouth bass up to 18.5 inches, and a bonus walleye. Early in the day Case Magic Stiks were productive; once the wind picked up we switched to Live Magic Shad swimbaits and continued to catch fish, including the two largest of the day. Water temperature 61 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
05-04-2010 7:41:54 PM CST

River Report -- May 4 Guided a father/son group today wishing for walleyes. They worked hard and were rewarded with several walleyes from 16 to 18 inches, along with a 24 inch post-spawn female walleye that was released by the conservation-minded anglers. A few smallies added to the excitement. All walleyes on XCalibur jerkbaits.

River Guide Jeff
05-03-2010 6:25:20 PM CST

River Report -- May 3 Day started off with the fish jumping on lures. Weather was drizzly and cloudy. Clouds cleared out, giving way to blue skies and a few puffy-white clouds. The bite slowed a bit. But clients still boated over 30 smallies. Biggest fish was 19.25 inches. A couple more right at 18 inches, and a bunch in the 13 to 16 inch range. Case Magic Stiks did the most damage.

River Guide Jeff
04-30-2010 7:33:02 PM CST

River Report -- April 30 A good half-day morning guide trip. About 20 smallmouth bass and a small muskie. Mostly on Case Magic Stiks and Sinkin Salty Shad. Water level up due to much needed rain earlier in the week. Great average size, including a couple just shy of 19 inches.

River Guide Jeff
04-25-2010 5:27:54 AM CST

River Report -- April 24 A bit windy today, but the clouds and threat of rain were positive factors. Boated about 25 smallies and two northerns. Several smb in the 18 to 19 inch range; most of the others 14 to 16. X-Raps and Magic Stiks the most productive lures. Water temperature 56 to 57 degrees. Some amazing hatches of caddis flies the past two days.

River Guide Jeff
04-23-2010 6:22:49 PM CST

River Report -- April 23 Back on the river after a few days of catching up on writing projects. Client and I boated over 20 smallies, mostly all quality fish in excess of 14 inches. A couple 18 inchers topped things off. Most of the fish setting up near spawning sites. Some beds present. Case Magic Stiks and Sinkin' Salty Shad. Water low and very clear. No problem seeing bottom in seven feet of water. Fish pretty finicky.

River Guide Jeff
04-23-2010 6:17:27 PM CST
Kahle Lake Update -- April 14 Spent about four hours scouting out Kahle Lake. Lake is six feet low, and will remain at that level for some time (reportedly until summer of 2011) while repairs on made on spillway. Regarding the fishing, did okay on largemouth. 15 or so, mostly on skirted jigs with Yum Money Craw trailer. Water temp around 56, with about two to three feet of visibility. Some milfoil/coontail weeds coming up.

River Guide Jeff
04-11-2010 7:25:12 PM CST
River Report -- Did a quick late afternoon scouting trip above East Brady today. Water temperature was back down to the mid 50s, after soaring to 60 during last week's heat wave. Smallmouth bass in a variety of areas, including a few starting to stage near spawning areas. Biggest bass around 19 inches, with a few others in the 16 to 17 inch range. Case Magic Stiks and X-Rap jerkbaits produced the most fish.

River Guide Jeff
04-06-2010 12:25:56 AM CST

River Report -- April 5 A warm, windy, mostly sunny day. Water temperatures up to 56 degrees, unusually warm for this early in the year. It was difficult to fish an bottom-oriented bait like a jig. Clients did a nice job with hard jerkbaits, though, with 25 smallies boated.

River Guide Jeff
04-01-2010 5:56:48 PM CST

River Report -- April 1 A slower bite today. Water is clearing and quickly warming. We managed around 15 smallies up to 18.5 inches, mostly on jigs and hard jerkbaits. Also lost and missed quite a few, and indication of the funky mood of the fish today. Today's client Butch worked hard in this afternoon's unseasonable heat, an effort that paid off in some nice fish.

River Guide Jeff
03-27-2010 6:35:31 PM CST

River Report -- March 27 Did a half-day trip this afternoon after things warmed up a bit. The previous clear night featured a low of 20 degrees. Things warmed up during the afternoon, with a high in the low 50s. Water temperatures took a bit of a dive, down to 43 after being up around 46. We caught 20 smallmouth bass, the biggest being 18 inches, along with a couple 17s. The rest in the 14 to 16 inch range. All on tubes. River's in excellent shape, level and color-wise.

River Guide Jeff
03-25-2010 2:41:59 PM CST

Fishing Report -- March 25 My buddy Dave L. spent the morning with me checking out the smallmouth bass bite on a small NW PA reservoir. Pretty good action: We boated 19 smallies and one walleye on jigs and jerkbaits. Throughout the year I offer trips on select waters during their individual peaks. This particular bite will likely last for about a month or so. Call or email for info on this opportunity (which will be confined to weekdays/full day outings).

River Guide Jeff
03-20-2010 7:10:26 PM CST

River Report -- March 20 Smallmouth bass in a better mood than two days ago. We boated 18 smallies, plus two walleyes. Biggest bass was 18.5 inches. All but two over 15 inches. Tube jigs, Jimmy Ds Riverbug bucktails, and hard jerkbaits. River slowly receding. Water temperature 45 degrees by early evening.

River Guide Jeff
03-18-2010 4:50:40 PM CST

River Report -- March 18 Back on the river for the first time since the high water began to recede. Water level over 4 feet higher than last trip. Slow day. Only two bass caught, though the biggest was 18.5 inches. Water temperature around 41-42 degrees by late afternoon; water color stained. If the river continues to drop and clear the bite should pick up again soon.

03-17-2010 11:48:07 AM CST

Sunny about 58 degrees, water temp around 35-40 degrees. Fishing from the river bank, landed this 41 inch, 18 lb Northern Pike on a plain hook and crawler, using light rod and reel and 4 lb test. Had another one about the same size to the river bank and lost it.

River Report
03-11-2010 7:15:34 PM CST

Fishing Report -- March 11 Over two dozen quality-sized smallmouth bass during today's scouting trip. Several smallies in the 18 to 19.75 inch range. Tubes, skirted jigs, hair jigs (Jimmy D's Riverbugs), Galida's Grubz and suspending jerkbaits all took multiple fish.

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