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river guide jeff
08-27-2008 4:12:20 PM CST

River Report -- Aug. 26 Low, clear water and bluebird skies greated my guests and me on the southen Venango section of the river. Skittish fish...lots of followers. Despite lots of flowing algae, plenty of floating weeds and a bunch of "lookers," the guys managed to boat a few nices ones. Maybe the "Fay" rain will add some color and flow to the river.

river guide jeff
08-23-2008 3:22:33 PM CST

River Report -- Aug. 23 Following a summer that featured higher flows and off-colored water, the river is now low and clear. The clear water and hot air temperatures spurred a heavy growth of suspended algae today. That, coupled with a continued flow of floating grass, made things challenging. Still, a good catch today, including a fair number over 15 inches, biggest just shy of 18. Spent a lot of time today testing out some baits from Warrior. Really nice stuff. Their sinking worm, the "spear," produced the biggest smallie. Nice buzzbait,too. Hoping for some cooler temps and a return of color to the water to stifle algae production. That stuff really limits what you can do.

river guide jeff
08-19-2008 8:41:31 PM CST

River Report -- Aug 19. Muskie guru Howard boated this one while on a river muskie trolling outing with the river guide.

river guide jeff
08-19-2008 11:03:58 AM CST

River report -- Aug 17 I wish we could have boated even half of the fish that struck short today. But still, a pretty good day on the river. Client's first experience with river smallies. He did great, establishing a personal best with a fat 18 incher. River's in really nice shape. Fairly clear, flowing nicely for this time of year, thanks to a three-day increase in discharge from Kinzua. Expected to drop as they throttle back the outflow.

river guide jeff
08-15-2008 7:16:19 PM CST

River Report -- Aug. 15 Galida's Grubz score on Allegheny! Venom's Galida's Grubz was the best thing going today. Fished as a swimming jig on a Gopher Mushroom jighead. Nice to have Galida's Grubs back on the market. Pick em up at Warren Boat Sales in Butler, or Consumer Direct Sports near the Grove City outlets. They will also be available at the internet webstore fishusa. River is in nice shape. Slighly stained, and about a foot higher than normal for this time of year, thanks to some rain up north and an increase in discharge from Kinzua.

river guide jeff
08-10-2008 6:15:53 PM CST

River report - Aug. 10. Southern Venango County. Another good day. Water slightly stained; around 4 ft at the Franklin usgs gauge. Smallies up to 18 inches, plus bonus walleye. Mostly in the faster water...flukes, swimbaits, and Andy's swimming worm. A lot of bass in really fast, shallow water today.

river guide jeff
08-09-2008 3:34:42 PM CST

River report -- Aug 8 River stage in Parker area was up about a foot from the previous week. Water color was slightly stained. Smallmouth bass and walleyes were hitting moving baits, mostly swimbaits. A few on Dingers, too. As has been the case all summer long, a nice mix of sizes (bass) topped out in the 17 inch range.

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