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River Guide Jeff
05-08-2011 6:18:10 PM CST

Pymatuning Lake Report -- If the experiences of this spring are accurate, Pymatuning is poised to regain it's status as one of the state's top walleye lakes. My partner and I boated at least 60 walleyes on May 7. Most were in the 13 to 14.5 inch range, but several keepers up to 18 inches were in the mix. The fish were taken on trolled crankbaits. Anyone interested in a Pymatuning trip should contact me to discuss pricing and scheduling.

River Guide Jeff
05-08-2011 6:10:54 PM CST

Kahle Lake Report -- May 5 Frustrated by the unfishable conditions on the Allegheny, one of my regular clients booked a full day on Kahle. Things started off slow, but around mid morning the fish started coming to the boat. The best presentation was a lightly, or unweighted Senko fished ultra slow. My noon the wind picked up, making it difficult to fish the way the bass wanted the bait shown. We picked up a few in the afternoon by focusing on a couple spots protected from the strong north/northwest wind. We ended with 13 bass boated, and five lost. Most were in the 14 to 16 inch range.

River Guide Jeff
05-03-2011 6:02:14 PM CST

River Report -- May 3 Did a quick five-hour trip today, trying to take advantage of a short window of relatively clear water at a fishable level. Smallmouth bass action was slow, but we did pick up seven, mostly in the 16 to 17 inch range, plus one 18 inch walleye. The bass were scattered. Some is the slow stuff, others in faster water, and a couple near spawning sites. The river is on its way up again. When it drops I'd expect most of the bass to be close to spawning areas.

River Guide Jeff
04-27-2011 5:57:19 PM CST
Fishing Update -- April 27. The frustration of this spring continues. The Allegheny River continues to run high and muddy, much too high to fish. Numerous trips were canceled, hopefully to be taken later this year. A scouting trip to Kahle in mid April produced only a couple of largemouth bass. But the warm air temperatures of the past couple of days should get things rolling there. I've spend more time on Pymatuning, though the last trip (this past Saturday) was unproductive. Keep checking back, as I'll be sure to put out the word when the outlook is brighter. Hopefully soon!

River Guide Jeff
04-10-2011 6:46:48 AM CST

Pymatuning Fishing Report -- My first day of the year on Pymatuning. Fished for walleyes. We boated nine, up to 17 inches. The fish were still scattered; probably two weeks or so behind a more normal schedule. Our fish came from deep water -- 22 to 26 feet -- on crankbaits and leadcore line. Other anglers are starting to catch decent numbers of fish in the shallows, so the spawn is not far away. Water temperature: 41-42 degrees.

04-04-2011 8:09:10 PM CST
fished part of the river near tionesta this morning and caught 2 muskie. both were around 36". they were my first muskie ever. the fish of 1,000,000,000,000,000 casts!

River Guide Jeff
04-03-2011 4:43:46 PM CST

River Report -- April 3 First trip of the year on the Allegheny. Water temperature 40-41. Nice level (4.5' at Parker USGS river gauge). 10 smallmouth bass up to 19 inches. Most on Jimmy D's Riverbugs. Galida's Grubz, tube jigs and Strike King Bitsy jigs also productive.

River Guide Jeff
03-20-2011 5:50:14 PM CST

Fishing Report -- March 20 My last fishing report was filed about four months ago. That's a long time, much longer than I'd have liked. FINALLY back on the water after a long winter with too much river ice, cold temperatures, and high water. While the Allegheny is still too high to fish, my buddy Dave L. and I managed to get out on a small northwest PA reservoir to see if we remembered how to fish. Not a fast afternoon, but we did put three smallmouth and three walleyes in the boat. A well deserved moral victory. Barring any significant rainfall the Allegheny should be in shape to fish by next weekend.

River Guide Jeff
11-20-2010 7:25:19 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 20 I'd hoped the influx of water that elevated the river a couple of feet would concentrate smallmouth bass and walleyes. It probably did, but they weren't in a very aggressive mood, perhaps still adjusting to the change. Only a couple boated smallie today, and two walleyes. One bonus was the year's best walleye -- a fat 29 incher that likely went 10 pounds. We also lost several fish. All the bites on Jimmy D's Riverbugs, and Northland Fireball jigs tipped with Gulp Alive minnows.

River Guide Jeff
11-20-2010 7:19:29 PM CST
River Report -- Nov. 18 Did a half-day outing on the Allegheny out of Freeport. Guests boated a dozen or so walleyes and sauger. A few legal saugers, but all the walleyes were undersized. Also boated two smallmouth bass.

River Guide Jeff
11-12-2010 6:59:03 PM CST

River Report -- Nov 12 A productive half-day (PM) trip. Clients boated over 20 smallmouth bass and 1 walleye. Biggest smallmouth was 17 inches. Jimmy D's Riverbug was the ticket. Water temperature still in the mid-40s. Continued mild air temperatures are forecast for the coming few days; open dates remain for anglers looking to squeeze in one more bass trip this season.

River Guide Jeff
11-11-2010 8:08:29 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 11 Another good day with 22 smallies boated. Several in the 17 inch range. One on a hard jerkbait, the rest on Galida's Grubz and Jimmy D's Riverbugs. Water level dropped nearly a foot since Tues's trip. Water temperature still around 45 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
11-09-2010 7:00:37 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 9 River smallies a bit more cooperative today. My client and I boated 24 and lost a few others. No monster, but a lot of nice-sized bass up to 17 inches. All on Jimmy D's Riverbugs and Galida's Grubz. Water temperature 45 degrees, still fairly low, but with much more color today.

River Guide Jeff
11-07-2010 8:32:47 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 7 Todays' clients wanted to spend most of the time targeting walleyes. We managed three nice 19 inchers. Also picked up around 15 smallmouth bass up to 18 inches. Water temperture 45 degrees, still low (for fall), and fairly clear.

River Guide Jeff
11-04-2010 6:41:46 PM CST

River Report -- Nov. 3 Nice fish today, just not as many as I'd hoped for. We boated 8 nice smallies, the biggest just shy of 19 inches. Also a fat northern pike that stretched to 29 inches. Some on Lucky Craft Pointer jerkbaits; the others on Jimmy D's Riverbug bucktail jig. Floating weeds are still an issue in some spots. The two foot rise in the river from late October rains has started to move the bass into the wintering holes. Water temperature is around 45 degrees.

River Guide Jeff
11-01-2010 6:52:18 PM CST
Fishing Update -- My fishing activity has been down a bit the past two weeks, partly due to guide trips being rescheduled due to tough fishing conditions, namely floating weeds in the slow pools where the fish are now starting to concentrate. I've been away for a few days, and have squeezed in some grouse/woodcock hunting. Anyway, updating my past couple of guide trips: one was a slow one, with only a handful of bass caught, all on hard jerkbaits. The following trip was better, with around 15 smallies being caught on both jerkbaits and bucktail jigs. I'll be out again this week, the first time since the recent rains put some much-needed water in the Allegheny. Hopefully some of the weeds and leaves will have flushed out.

River Guide Jeff
10-19-2010 8:05:14 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 19 A little better action today. They weren't jumping in the boat, but we did manage 15 smallmouth and one walleye. Most of the bass were over 15 inches. The best bass of the day -- a 19.25 incher -- came on the client's last cast. It pays to work right until the end! The weeds weren't quite as bad. Water temperature is 52. All of the fish on hard jerkbaits.

River Guide Jeff
10-19-2010 8:01:30 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 18 One of the slowest days all year. My client and I worked hard in an all-day rain to hook 10 bass and one walleye. The bass are moving to slow current areas, many of which are loaded with floating weeds. Still, we had a lot of clean casts with little to show for it. Two fish on tubes; the rest on hard jerkbaits.

River Guide Jeff
10-17-2010 7:04:39 PM CST

Fishing Report -- Oct 17 Dave Lehman and I did a quick 3.5 hour morning trip to check out the largemouth fishing on Kahle Lake. Fish activity was pretty slow, though we did manage 7 bass, mostly on flippin' jigs. Water temperature was 56 degrees. Water level on Kahle continues to drop. The lake is 10 to 11 feet low, though I'm still able to get my boat on the water via the north launch.

River Guide Jeff
10-15-2010 7:30:57 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 15 Water temperature back down to 55 degrees for today's outing, with about two feet of visibility. We boated 17 smallies up to 18 inches and one nice northern pike. Most of the bass on X-Raps; a few on tubes. Floating weeds and leaves making some potentially good areas tough to fish. A blustery, unsettled day with a mix of clouds, wind, rain and sun.

River Guide Jeff
10-11-2010 5:46:08 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 11 Though Indian summer is pleasant, it rarely provides the best fall fishing. That was apparent today, as we struggled to put a dozen smallmouth bass in the boat, the biggest being around 16 inches. The water temperature has risen from 54 to 61 degrees since last Friday, and the bite has tapered off during that five-day period. Things should begin to cool off again throughout the week if forecasts are reasonably accurate.

river guide jeff
10-09-2010 6:35:05 PM CST

River Report -- Oct. 9 Fishing slower than yesterday, though my clients worked hard and managed to boat a dozen smallmouth bass,including a 19 inch brute to start the day. Other than three smaller bass taken this afternoon, the others were high quality smallies in the 15 to 18 inch range. Two other bubba-smallies were lost at the boat, as well as a few smaller "long distance releases." We spent part of the day targeting muskies, and managed one around 28 inches toward the end of the day. Two nice walleyes as well. Spinnerbaits were the deal again today. Floating weeds a real nuisance in many of the slower areas that were holding fish.

River Guide Jeff
10-08-2010 6:52:32 PM CST

River Report -- Oct 8 Back on the river following a multi-day string of dreary, cool and rainy river. The weather brought put some much needed water in the river, though. Level up about two feet from last week; water temperature down to 56 degrees. Client and I boated 26 smallmouth bass, with all but a half-dozen or so in the 15 to 18 inch range. Spinnerbaits accounted for most of the fish. Rattlebaits, soft swimbaits, were also productive.

River Guide Jeff
10-02-2010 4:33:56 PM CST

River Report -- Sept 30 My steadiest client Al hung in there during the rainiest day I've fished since May. We were rewarded with 51 smallies, two walleyes, and fat northern pike. A few fish came on flukes and Lake Fork Tackle swimbaits, the rest on X-Raps. A couple 17 inchers, a bunch of 15 to 16 inchers, with most of the rest in the 13 to 14 inch range. Only a handful of little guys. The bass have fed very well this year, and are exceptionally fat.

River Guide Jeff
10-02-2010 4:28:06 PM CST

Fishing Report -- Sept. 24 My buddy Deron Eck and I spent the day fishing two different waters. During the morning session we fished Loyalhanna Lake, taking several largemouths on square-lipped crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and jigs. Though a few of the bass were in the 17 inch range, they appeared slightly skinny. We caught bass from the dam, all the way up into the headwaters, with no particular area holding great numbers of fish. Afternoon found us on the Mon River, fishing out of Speers. We caught several small spotted bass, and Deron took a chunky hybrid striper on a spinnerbait before a strong south wind made conditions tough and sent us home. Deron, btw, won the recent three-day FLW American Fishing Series tournament on Lake Erie.

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